Young Masters – Moscow, Russia 2014

pxpadmin Tournament

Moscow, December 27th saw one of the worlds best tournaments for children. With almost 230 participants, including 190 in Knockdown Karate and with over 30 in All-Round Fighting. Incredibly it was only in 2 age groups: 10-11 and 12-13 years old. There was representation from 13 regions of Russia and also an excellent team from Kazakhstan. We saw some excellent fighting and many future stars.

Another major highlight of the event was WIBK Dai Shihan for Kazahkstan, Vadim Possashkov, being presented with his very deserved 5th dan Certificate.

I hope you will all join me us in congratulating Shihan Possashkov on achieving this and also thanking him for his great work for the Budo World in Kazahkstan.

A BIG congratulations to Hanshi Konstantin Bely for making this and so many other amazing events throughout 2014.

And lastly, we wish that 2015 brings success and happiness to people everywhere.