WIBK Russia – Arctic Cup 2014

pxpadmin Tournament

On December 13 in Vorkuta city, WIBK Russia held the 1st Arctic Cup – International Professional Knockdown Karate Tournament.

There were 9 fighters from 3 countries (Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan) and 6 organisation (WIBK, WKO, IKO Matsui, IKO Matsushima, IFK, KAN) taking part. Prize money was 500,000Rub (10,000 Euro). With the winner receiving 250000 Rub (5,000 Euro).

The tournament was held under the new WIBK Knockdown Rules, under the guidence of Chief Judge – Hanshi Konstantin Bely, WIBK Dai-Shihan of Russia.

Winner: Vladimir Artyushin (Kazakhstan, WKO). He is managed by Vadim Possashkov Dai-Shihan WIBK Kazakhstan.
Runner-up: Marcel Murakaev (Russia, IKO Matsui).
3rd place: Denis Morozevitch (Russia, KAN).
4th place” Konstantin Nikonorov (Russia, KAN).
Oleg and Wilhelm Leongard (Germany, WIBK) received Special Spirit prize.

The event was so successful that it is planned to hold it every 2 years in the future.
PS. Vorkuta is mining town approx. 150 kilometers inside Arctic Circle. On 13 December daylight is less 2 hours a day, and normally the temperature at this time is minus 30-40 Celsius Degrees (but in that time was only -10).