Fuku Kancho Konstantin Bely 8th Dan

Vice Chairman WIBK

Hanshi Konstantin Bely started his martial arts training in 1987 and has accumulated an impressive portfolio of tournament, refereeing and coaching successes. Passing his 1st Dan in 1994 under Hanshi S.Arneil and the start of a successful competitive career, Russian Champion and prize winner (1995/96), Polish Champion (2003) and many times Moscow champion and winner of various Kyokushinkai tournaments.

Participated in a large number (more than 150 in 25 years) of seminars and meetings in various martial arts hosted by international recognized world masters of martial arts including Bernard Creton – 9 Dan, Henk Kuipers – 9 Dan, Jon Bluming – 10 Dan, Keji Sampei – 7 Dan, Kanji Midori – 6 Dan.  Trained with world class kykokushin fighters like Norichika Tsukamoto, Frencesko Filho, Andre Manaart, Lucien Carbin, Ivan Hippolit and many more.

Started coaching in 1991, Hanshi Konstantin has coached many great fighters winning many world and European titles. From 1996 to 2002, he was the head coach of the women’s Moscow Kyokushin team. Head coach of Russian women’s team on the 1st (1997) and second (2002) IFK world championships. The head coach of the Russian junior team in the first (2006) and second (2008) IFK world championships.

Hanshi Konstantin is a leading Kyokushin referee. From 1998 to 2003 – Chairman of the Kyokushinkai Federation Moscow Judging Panel and from 2003 to 2008 – President of the Russian Kyokushinkai Federation Judging panel.

  • 1987:    Started martial arts.
  • 1994:    1st Dan Kyokushinkai IFK.
  • 1995:    Russian Kyokushin Champion.
  • 1996:    Russian Kyokushin prize winner.
  • 1996:    2nd Dan Kyokushinkai IFK.
  • 1997:    Coach of the 1st Woman’s World Champion Kyokushinkai, Zukhra Kurbanova.
  • 1999:    National Judging Panel.
  • 2000:    3rd Dan Kyokushinkai IFK. 
  • 2001:    Honorary Coach of Russia.
  • 2001:    IFK International Judge.
  • 2003:    Polish Champion.
  • 2004:    4th Dan Kyokushinkai IFK.
  • 2008:    6th Dan Kyokushinkai IBK.
  • 2008:    Honorary instructor of Russian Union of Martial Arts (RUMA).
  • 2009:    3rd Dan Full Contact IFFCF.
  • 2010:    7th Dan All-Round Fighting IBK.
  • 2010:    Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of Moscow Employee Award.
  • 2011:    4th Dan Full Contact IFFCF.
  • 2012:    Honorary Judge RUMA.
  • 2012:    7th Dan All-Round Fighting WIBK.
  • 2013:    WIBK World Leader All-Round Fighting.
  • 2014:    Vice-Chairman WIBK.
  • 2014:    8th Dan WIBK