The World Independent Budo Kai was founded with the goal to build an organisation based on the following:

  • A Budo organisation free from politics.
  • A Budo organisation whose members have the same attitude and vision toward martial art development irrelevant of style or badge.
  • A Budo organisation run by budoka and not business people who lack the understanding of the Budo way.
  • A Budo organisation not influenced by individual financial gain.
  • A Budo organisation that not only values the best competitors but also values every member irrelevant of ability, yet show commitment to the martial way.
  • A Budo organisation who do not spread the label “I am the best style or I am the best instructor”, but who spread the message  “WE have World Class instructors who are willing to share their knowledge”.
  • A Budo organisation based on friendship, discipline, sportsmanship, loyalty, honesty, competition and above all integrity.
  • A Budo organisation whose membership is although open to all groups, a group wishing to join the WIBK will still have to be vetted to confirm budo authenticity of style and head instructors. This is essential to maintain quality and not be weaken by the sadly so many fake martial artists that exist today.
  • A Budo organisation whose grades will have to be earned through disciplined examination, proven skills and budo loyalty not just given away.
  • Reuniting loyalties and friendships broken by splintered martial art organisations in the past.

The World Independent Budo Kai is an official registered Non-Profit Organization. Registered and copyrighted in Geneva, Switzerland.