Shihan Djim Doula

Dai Shihan United Arab Emirates

Shihan Djim Doula 6th dan, is the representative in UAE of the World Independent Budo Kai.

Shihan Djim Doula was born on March 27th, 1966 in Switzerland. His father Tunisian and his mother Swiss. Djim’s father, an excellent boxer and follower of karate, introduced Djim to Karate, in Bizerte, Tunisia, at the early age of 6 years, where he lived as a child.

At the age of 16 years, Djim returned to Switzerland to study management and business law.

Training hard and consistently as a Junior, Djim obtains his 1st Dan In 1981. Fascinated by the art, he joins the Karate Club of Geneva managed by Henry Jordan in 1982.

There his talent is quickly noticed and Djim is selected for the junior national Swiss team. Quickly winning his 1st tournament in 1983. This being the beginning of a high-level karate career. Through his fighting success, he soon becomes the pillar of the Swiss team.
Shihan Djim’s competitive career for both Switzerland and Tunisia continued with success after success, 12 times Swiss Karate Champion, World Cup Gold, Sportsman of the Year 1993. He success continued as a trainer, when after achieving 2nd place in the Pan-African Games in 1995, he was promoted to trainer of the Tunisian Team. His investment as a trainer was profound with after 2 years the Tunisian team gaining 7 medals and number one team.

Parallel to his sporting career, Shihan Djim Doula is a successful Business Manager.

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  • 1981: Graded to 1st Dan.
  • 1982: 1st place Cup of Geneva.
  • 1983: 1st place Swiss Championship.
  • 1985: Grades to 2nd Dan. 1st place International Masters Davos. 1st place Swiss Champion Elite in Lucerne.
  • 1986: 1st place International Masters Davos.
  • 1987: Ranked 3rd in the world during the World Cup in Budapest. 1st place International Masters Davos. 3rd place European Championship Glasgow.
  • 1988: Graded to 3rd Dan. 5th place in the World Championship Cairo. 1st place International Masters Zurich.
  • 1989: 2nd place World Cup Budapest. 2nd place World Games Karlsruhe.
  • 1990: 2nd Place European Championships Vienna.
  • 1991: 2nd Place European Championships Hanover.
  • 1993: 3rd Place World Cup of Algeria. Gold medalist in the Mediterranean Games Languedoc (France). Awarded Sportsman of the Year and graded to 4th Dan. [1983-1993 Swiss Individual Champion & 8 times Team Champion!].
  • 1993: Selected for the Tunisian National Team and wins Gold in the Mediterranean Games Carcassonne.
  • 1994: 2 times Gold Medalist in the African Championships and 2 times Gold Medalist in the Arabic Championships.
  • 1995: 2nd place in the Pan-African Games Zimbabwe. Promoted to Tunisian National Team Trainer.