Tomodachi Karate Kai is a system of Karate based upon Mas Oyama’s Kyokushinkai Karate & Kancho Bernard Creaton’s Karate Jutsu system. Tomodachi Karate Kai’s Founder and Chief Instructor is Shihan Rick McELroy. Tomodachikai is a system of Karate which uses both Jutsu and Do in its teachings and in doing so is a formidable Self-defence system. Tomodachi Karate Kai are Proud members of the World Independent Budo Kai and is also an associate member of NAKMAS National Governing body.

East Preston Dojo is the latest addition to the Tomodachi fleet.  It has only been open for a short time but the childrens class has become very popular and an adults class will be starting very soon.

Shihan Rick started Judo in 1975 at his local school, studying the art until successfully obtaining his 1st Dan. Sometime later he started to take an interest in other martial arts namely Karate, as there was a Kyokushinkai club situated in the same school that he attended.

Shihan Rick McElroy 7th Dan

His Instructor was Sensei Bryan Dowler (as he was then) and Shihan Rick was hooked from the start.  In 1980 Sensei Dowler & Sensei Bernard Creton left the BKK and formed their own association the British Karate Jutsu Renmei.  As Shihan Rick was only a low grade at that time, he decided to stay with the club.

In Feb 1983 he achieved his Black Belt 1st Dan (BKJR/EKGB), also completing the 30 man Kumite, an essential part of the grading. That was the start of his karate career.

Shihan Rick now a 7th Dan within his own system and was appointed the NAKMAS Tournament Co-ordinator and Chief Referee in 2001.  He has travelled all over Europe competing and training and has found karate has taught him a lot and continues to do so, as he still actively trains, attending seminars not only with high ranking Karate Instructors, but other martial arts system as Hapkido, Taekwondo.

Shihan Rick openly states that Martial Arts namely Karate, changed his life for the better and he wishes the same for anyone who studies the art.

East Preston & Kingston Village Hall
The Miller Barn
52 Sea Road
East Preston
West Sussex
BN16 1LP

Mobile: 0785 2245562



  • Day
  • Discipline
  • Time
  • Monday
  • Junior Karate
  • 4pm-5pm

  • Shihan Rick McElroy 7th Dan
  • Sempai Toni McElroy 1st Dan