Tomodachi Karate Kai is a system of Karate based upon Mas Oyama’s Kyokushinkai Karate & Kancho Bernard Creaton’s Karate Jutsu system. Tomodachi Karate Kai’s Founder and Chief Instructor is Shihan Rick McELroy. Tomodachikai is a system of Karate which uses both Jutsu and Do in its teachings and in doing so is a formidable Self-defence system. Tomodachi Karate Kai are Proud members of the World Independent Budo Kai and is also an associate member of NAKMAS National Governing body.

Caterham Dojo has only been open a short time in its present location, as it recently relocated from Coulsdon where it had been for some years.

Sensei Ben Jones 3rd Dan

Sensei Ben started Karate towards the end of 1997. He was a talented football player but had to quit football as the result of a really bad knee injury. It was recommended to try a local Karate class to aid flexibility – after one lesson Sensei Ben was hooked!

His first instructor was Sensei Darren Chan who then introduced him to his instructor, Shihan Rick McElroy. Sensei Ben trained regularly under both Shihan Rick and Sensei Darren, with his progression escalating over the years, including sucesses in NAKMAS national tournaments.  Sensei Ben started his first class as an instructor when he was a 1st Kyu, teaching children. At this stage his own 2 children began training and karate really became a family affair.

Sensei Ben’s key lesson over the years and motto still today is “never give up”.

The Arc Caterham
39 Weston Drive

Mobile: 0795 868441



  • Day
  • Discipline
  • Time
  • Thursday
  • Junior Karate
  • 6.30pm-7.30pm

  • Sensei Ben Jones 3rd Dan
  • Sempai Antonio Tramaglini 1st Dan