Karate Jutsu Kai is an established Martial Arts system with international recognition. Founded by the renowned Kancho Bernard Creton (9th dan), the style strives to provide a system of self defence with traditional values. In Kancho Creton we are fortunate to have a lineage, which leads back to the teaching of Mas Oyama himself and today, Kancho's continued passion and leadership inspires all those who follow him.

Dunoon Karate Justu Kai was established in 1983 by Sensei Alan Kirk.  Sensei Alan Kirk originally trained with the then Sensei Dowler and a young Kancho Bernard Creton in the South of England and moved back to Scotland, with the guidance of Kancho Creton he set up the Dunoon club.

Shihan Pam Horton  5th Dan

Shihan Pam Horton 5th Dan started at the club in July 1984 and quickly, through hard work, moved up the ranks and in the 1990 graded to 1st Dan and also took over the reins of the Dunoon club. In 1994 due to a local split Sensei Alan came back out of retirement and has been Scottish chairman ever since, with Shihan Pam, who graded to 5th Dan in 2011, being the Senior Instructor for the Scottish Area.

Shihan Pam first went to the KJK summer camp in 1988 and been to every summer camp since.  She has had many students compete at association tournaments, always coming away with “silver wear” including herself.  Shihan Pam has also run the Associations Junior Camp held in Dunoon every year since the first camp was in 1991.

Sempai Stuart started training in Dunoon 1994 and graded for his 1st Dan in 2002. After going to Liverpool for fours years he returned to Dunoon and now instructs on a regular bases.

Dunoon Dojo
Dunoon Community Education Centre
Edward Street

Mobile: 01369 840554




  • Day
  • Discipline
  • Time
  • Monday
  • Junior Karate
  • 7pm-8:15pm
  • Senior Karate
  • 8:15pm-9pm
  • Wednesday
  • Junior Karate
  • 7pm-8:15pm
  • Senior Karate
  • 8:15pm-9pm

  • Shihan Pam Horton 5th Dan
  • Sensei Alan Kirk 4th Dan
  • Sempai Stuart Moss 1st Dan