Karate Jutsu Kai is an established Martial Arts system with international recognition. Founded by the renowned Kancho Bernard Creton (9th dan), the style strives to provide a system of self defence with traditional values. In Kancho Creton we are fortunate to have a lineage, which leads back to the teaching of Mas Oyama himself and today, Kancho's continued passion and leadership inspires all those who follow him.

Cranbrook Karate club was founded in the late 1970’s by Sempai Clive Nickols, then in the late 1980’s it was taken over by Sempai Nigle Borne until the present instructor Sensei Simon Chaplin (3rd Dan) took over in 1999, over the years the club has found itself at different venues around Cranbrook, ending at the primary school in carriers road, where it has been for a number of years. Over the years the club has had many successes at competitions winning a large number of medals.

Sensei Simon Chaplin 3rd Dan

Sensei Simon began training in 1994 under the instruction of Shihan John Wilson (7th Dan) and obtained his 1st Dan in 2001, his 2nd Dan in 2005 and then in 2012 he passed his third Dan grading. Over the years Sensei Simon has taken part in many competitions winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, he has also won spirited fighter award twice, once at the Sussex tournament and then some years later at the Ashford International tournament, but has now retired from competition fighting. He continues to teach, heading the Cranbrook Dojo and to train with Shihan John on a Thursday at Northiam.

Sensei Simon has always encouraged his students to be the best they can and to always strive to improve in every area of there training and to encourage each other at all times.

Cranbrook Dojo
Cranbrook School
Carriers Road
Kent TN17 3JZ

Mobile: 07716 978397




  • Day
  • Discipline
  • Time
  • Monday
  • Karate
  • 7:15pm-8:45pm

  • Sensei Simon Chaplin 3rd Dan
  • Sempai Nicky Weeks 1st Dan