Our team dedicates itself to the promotion of martial arts as a life style. FIRST AND FOREMOST we promote the empowerment of the individual through the hardship of martial training. We focus on etiquette and moral values. We train hard and we train smart in different styles: Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ and Kudo Daido Juku. We respect everyone but we don’t accept ego in the dojo. 

Heart & Soul Dojo was created in 2005. One day, Dai Shihan Maximiliano decided that the time had come for him to pay back to the next generation everything his martial education had given him. Initial problems related to trying to remain active (paying the dojo bills) without compromising the teaching methods… it wasn’t easy! Today Dai Shihan Maximiliano is proud to say that they remained true to the way.  Dai Shihan states “we are few but we are strong and pure”. 

Shihan Maximiliano Ferraiolo
6th Dan WIBK,IBK

Dai Shihan Canada

Heart & Soul Dojo
7290 Rue Hutchison
Quebec H3N, Montreal

Mobile: +1 5146292400

Email:  maximilien911@yahoo.ca

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  • Shihan Maximiliano Ferraiolo 6th Dan

  • Sensei David Teman (all round)
    4th Dan

  • Sempai Benoit Porlier (kyokushin) 2nd Dan

  • Sempai Michael Spineti (kyokushin) 2nd Dan

  • Sempai Mike Felix (all round) 1st Dan