Our association is located in northern Portugal and has 25 years of history. The association was founded by Shihan Paulo Perdigão with the goal of promoting Budo Karate. This academy is based on the formation and experience acquired by its master Shihan Paulo Perdigão based on the technical study, inspired by “Kishi”, which means the observation of other schools’ techniques. in the philosophical area, after much study and investigation, he was allowed to use the kanji Makokoro which signifies the warrior with emotion and heart.
Shihan’s development gave a strong focus on the study in USA, Korea and Japan.
With this experience he continues to give classes passing his teachings, always with the way of Budo on his mind.

Shihan Paulo Júlio Monte de Magalhães Perdigão
6th Dan Kyokushinkai
Dai Shihan Portugal

This Dojo focuses on the competition aspect, because we believe that through competition one can find the Budo Samurai spirit. On the last 20 years, the students of our Dojo have attended tournaments from various organizations in Europe and Asia, having earned podium results with distinction.
The Dojo currently has children and senior classes, as well as competition focused classes and Yoga.

Academy Daitoshin
Lousada 4620-174

Mobile: +35 1967719188

Email: ktojuku@hotmail.com

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  • Shihan Paulo Perdigão
    6th Dan

  • Sensei Eugénio Teixeira
    3rd Dan

  • Sensei Paulo Barros
    3rd Dan