Non-Profit Organisation

Going one step further than other known groups, the World Independent Budo Kai (WIBK)
is now registered as an official Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) in Switzerland.
This registration is testament to the mission and structure of the Organisation,
enhancing the fact that the WIBK mission statement is placed above
the personal interests of the individuals associated with its structure.
Generic to all NPO’s Worldwide is that the board members are selected because
they are passionate about the cause, the WIBK being no exception.

Creating a family based on:

Budo  |  Friendship  |  Discipline  |  Respect  |  Sportsmanship
Loyalty  |  Honesty  |  Competition  |  Integrity

Striving to be the finest Budo Federation with the highest standards

  • Kancho Bernard Creton

  • Fuku Kancho

  • Fuku Kancho Claudio Alessi

  • Hanshi Jean-Michel Dracos

  • Sensei Franck Dubarry
    Special Advisor

  • Shihan John Wilson

  • Shihan Iván Pérez Robles

  • Shihan Darren Brinkman

Board & Executive Committee members chosen for their:
Experience 100%
Passion 100%
Knowledge 100%
Loyalty 100%
Vision 100%
  • Hanshi Jean-Michel Dracos

  • Hanshi Claudio Alessi

World Leaders chosen for their:
Skill 100%
Dedication 100%
Leadership 100%
Trust 100%
Proficiency 100%
  • Sensei Franck Dubarry

  • Shihan Sérgio Alves

  • Shihan Russell Peacock

  • Country Representative
    Sensei Gennady Chmilenko

  • Sensei Søren Hansen

  • Shihan JohnWilson

  • Shihan Edmond Rigaud

  • Sempai Ronny Müller

  • Shihan Wienold Westerveen

  • Shihan Rodolfo Pacifico

  • Shihan Vadim Possashkov

  • Shihan Paulo Perdigao

  • Hanshi Konstantin Bely

  • Shihan Cassim Cele

  • Shihan Iván Pérez Robles

  • Hanshi Claudio Alessi

  • Shihan Maximiliano Ferraiolo

  • Country Representative
    Sensei Shyam Prasad Bandara

  • Shihan Djim Doula

Country Dai Shihans & Representatives selected for their:
Experience 100%
Background 100%
Commitment 100%
Passion 100%
Country Recognition 100%
  • Sensei Ossine Kamel

  • Sensei Cedric Milliau

  • Shihan Stephan Benca

  • Sensei Anthony Fournier

  • Shihan Guy Patris

  • Shihan Joan Marcual Gimenez

  • Shihan Jean-Pierre Bueno

  • Sensei Jean-Serge Ofakem Enanak

Judo Country Representatives chosen for their:
Experience 100%
Knowledge 100%
Passion 100%
Leadership 100%
Country Recognition 100%

Everyone is important in the WIBK